October 2019
I recently had the pleasure of going through two of life’s biggest decisions, selling and buying a home within a three month period. Jordan Smith was my first choice, for just asking question about selling my home. His wife and I work at the same school. I didn’t know Jordan but his wife was an  amazing teacher, so I took a chance that her husband had to be a winner too. He came to my home and patiently and with confidence answered every single question I had like, what is a possible profit, what is required for me to do to my property to before I can start this process, how does one begin such a big step financially, what do you do in this, what do I do once I am sure selling is my choice? He was a total professional. He fielded all of my concerns and assured me it would be easy to sell my house. In fact, he already had a potential buyer in mind. I might not need to even list the house. He did have a buyer in mind. Sherman had a couple that had been looking for just this kind of plantation type older home. They put in a full offer! It was so simple. Jordan masterfully gave me a timeline of events and things to do and walked me through every detail of selling my home. He always had a smile and a great disposition, even when I would text him in his off-hours about things that keep one awake at night when selling your home really kicks in. He was a friend. In fact, as soon as I saw the approaching date for no turning back, I started looking for a property to buy with part of the proceeds of the sell of my older home. Jordan and Sherman met me at locations to look at, got keys and codes for doors, and worked steadily in the rain on a Sunday. Never once, did I feel pushed aside for larger home sales or other clients. Jordan and I beat the pavement and found my next home. As I was choosing to down size, he had many good ideas for small spaces and was so encouraging when I had no one else to bounce ideas off of. To the end, Jordan was a totally professional and competent realtor and businessman. His fresh upbeat manner was reassuring and enjoyed. I would recommend Jordan Smith to anyone looking to sell or buy a home. As a senior citizen he never talked down to me, rushed me through information or was condescending. I hated to see it all end. I will be the first to recommend Kapono Group… and my new condo was listed by Keller Williams! What an great organization.
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