October 2019
Truman is a professional realtor as he is the reason we bought a house. He research neighborhoods with home for sales to give us pluses and minus about each home and neighborhood. He suggested a new home so we don’t have to worry about fixing anything for the next 5 to 10 years or so. He took us to 2 construction site which we decided on the one we have now. He stood in line for us so our name can be 3rd on the list. He suggested a couple of lending companies and assisted us with it.
Truman found our needs and financial ability and he searched out a home and financial company to meet our need. He is the main reason we bought a home as he did everything for us except buying the house for us. We just came up with the finances.
Thank you so much Truman and all of the BEST to you. We know you will continued to bring joy to your future clients. Keep up the great FIVE STAR service you provided for us as SERVICE is behind any Success.
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